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Information on Sign Consulting, Signage Consulting, Signage Consultant, Sign Consultant and Wayfinding Consultant or Wayfindin

Information on Sign Consulting, Signage Consulting, Signage Consultant,

Sign Consultant and Wayfinding Consultant or Wayfinding Consulting in

regard to Environmental Graphics.


Sign and signage consultants provide experience that employees do not

normally possess.  Sign consulting covers a wide range of services to

clients to facilitate the proper information through the visual medium that

is signage. 


Sign Consultants help guide clients through the maze of decisions

regarding the best method to display their information to the public. 

Information that might not be readily apparent to the end users is

processed to develop solid Sign Programs that accomplish objectives

of their organizations.


Sign Consultants have no vested interest in selling a customer signs. 

Good sign consulting firms do not act as brokers and take no percentage

of the signage sale as a commission.  They act as agents to determine the

best provisions that address the needs for on site, off-site advertising

signage or wayfinding.  Through signage surveys and programming they

identify the need and provide solutions.  They take the client through the

entire maze and can provide signage specifications, contract documents

and Sign Program supervision of the contracts.


Some Sign Consultants also work with Real Estate Appraisers, attorneys,

DOT officials and sign owners in matters regarding signage valuation,

depreciated and move costs and litigation resulting from takings or

eminent domain.  Hiring the right sign consulting firm results in less

difficulty coming to agreement over the value of existing signs.


Sign and wayfinding consultants develop signage systems or programs

that include specifications, standards and master plans that assist people

in navigating through their environment.  Sign design, construction

specifications and placement in the environment are part of a competent

and effective signage program.  Efficient signage programs with legible,

correctly sited signs helps people determine where their destination is

located and the best way to get there.  Many things must be considered in

the development of a Master Sign Plan including construction materials

and placement.  In institutional settings it is important to take into account

the cost of implementation of a signage plan.  Materials that yield the best

product, amortization schedule, maintenance costs and life in service must

be calculated to best advantage and made part of a total signage plan.



Some services that SR+ sign consultants offers are:


Sign Surveys, Code Checks & Permit Acquisition.

Wayfinding, Information Systems Design & Architectural Signage Programming.

Prototype Design & Sign Specification Writing.

Project Management, Coordination & Supervision.

Sign Code Variance Research, Surveys, Application & Expert Witness.

Right of Way Acquisition Litigation Signage Appraisals (Move,

Replacement & Depreciated Values).

Insurance Claims Settlement & Real Estate Signage Appraisals.

Lease Attachment Sign Specification Writing,  Review & Compliance


ADA Programming & Compliance Surveys.

Graphic Design, Logo Development & Digital Photography Services.

Spectacular, Super-Mural & Architectural Enhancement Design.



Contact us for signage surveys, programming, prototype design,

project management, ADA compliance surveys, graphic design

and logo development.   We also consult in Right of Way litigation

problem resolution in areas of signage valuation, relocation and

replacement and provide complete signage appraisal services.


SR+ consulting group identifies your needs and helps you make

the right decisions for your graphic identification requirements.


SR+ solves sign and signage programming problems!